Hot Sister And Brother Sex Stories – The Story of Sandhaya

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Hi, this is Arjun. This time with the story of one of my former colleague Sandhya. She joined my organization 8 years back as a trainee and was reporting to me. She was 24 at that time with 5.3 inch Hight, Medium complexion, and a superstructure. We were very close those days and she had a crush on me which everyone in the office knows, except me. Once, she had an incest sex with her brother. So, here comes the story of a hot sister and her brother her own words.
I was from Kollam living with my Grandmother, Mother, father and one Brother. My grandmother and Mother had some mental issues so they were taking medicines but without much use. My father was a government employee and brother Sandeep was a Mechanical Engineering Student. Though we were not that Divine believers my family soon turn in to poojas and Homas to cure them. I was not interested in these but they forced me to join all these things that’s why I was more than happy to work as a trainee and stay in a hostel nearby.
One fine evening, I got a call from my father. He said they will pick me from hostel tonight as they are going to Coimbatore for a Pooja and the presence of all the family members is a must. I argued with him initially but then agreed to join them. Then at 12 am he again called me and told me that they are coming by two cars and that I had to get into the car of a Swamy, who is going to do the Pooja and they will join me from a nearby place. I was furious but had no choice than to get into their car. It was an Innova and they were 6, all wearing black dress.
Swamy seems to be a mischievous man around his 60s others look like his followers. They were trying to initiate conversation with me but I ignored them. Some weird music was playing on the car, which was irritating me, I asked them to stop the music but was ignored. I got angry and asked them to either stop it or I will get down there.
Swamy told the driver to stop the music and smiled at me, “my child won’t be so angry, you will learn to like this soon”. But I was in no mood to hear him I told him to mind his own business and that I know he is a fake Swamy trying to get some money from my family. I was sure that, like so many times in the past, one more fake Swamy is cheating my family but was helpless.
After around an hour, they reached a place where my family was waiting for me and I continued the journey with them. I scolded father for making me travel with them alone at the night and told them this is the last time I will be joining them for this pooja.
We reached Coimbatore in the morning. It was like an Ashram, I was told to wait outside and my entire family went inside with the Swamy. Later I came to know that it was a pooja meant for me, not for me Grandmother and Mother, I was asked to travel with them is to assess me. Inside the room, Swamy convinced my family that, like them, I was also possessed and some special pooja is needed to save me.
I was asked to come in the room and Swamy told me that they were assessing me and I need help otherwise soon I will also be possessed by bad spirits. I was furious at Swamy but my every word was interpreted as the fear of the devil against a Godman. So, I was trapped and nothing much I could do now. He told me the pooja will be tonight and asked my mother to prepare me. Anger, fear, sadness, a mix of all these emotions run through me.
We were lead to a dark room and was given a small box. Inside the box was a white dress. I was allowed to wear only that during the Pooja. The dress was barely covering my knees, I shouted, argued, cried with my mother, but everything was in vain. My mother was so determined that she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer the same fate. She was convinced that everything will be ok after the Pooja. I realized that there is nothing I could do but hope for the best, least I know that my life is going to change that night.
Then the time came, all of us were invited to a room. Swamy and his followers were not there. They told us that only me and Sandeep are allowed to enter the Pooja room and others have to wait outside and pray for me. I was only wearing that single white dress and was embarrassed to stand in front of my father and brother. Sandeep was also asked to change his dress and he is now wearing only a towel. We both enter the pooja room.
I was shocked to see that Swamy and his followers are wearing only a small cloth, barely covering their penis. I realized that the room is not like a normal Pooja room, in fact, it was more like some black magic stuff. So, I was scared, all of them was looking like beasts with a small stick in hand.
Swami asked me to look into his eyes. I understood that this man is not an ordinary fake Swamy, and I had done a mistake by coming here. His eyes were sharp and commanding, I wasn’t able to look into it and suddenly I lowered my eyes.
He then gave Sandeep a pot with some liquid and asked to pour it through my head. I was like completely under his control and Sandeep poured the liquid over me. It was something mixed with water, now I was fully wet and to my dismay, the dress completely sticks to my body and become see-through. All the seven men standing there, including my brother, was staring at my body. I stand there humiliated and started to cry.
I was more embarrassed to stand in front of my little brother like this and began to beg the Swamy, please leave me, I can give you money, whatever you want. Swami smiled at me, “I can take whatever I want from you and nobody can deny me anything, and it won’t be fair if I don’t punish someone who calls me a fake”.
He asked all of them to remove their towel. Except for Sandeep, everyone was expecting that and removed instantly. Sandeep was a little hesitant to stand naked in front of his sister, but then the stare from Swamy made him remove it.
I was terrified to see all the seven men naked and some of the dicks are already rock hard. I cried and fell into the feet of the Swamy. Please, Swamy, forgive me for my mistake, don’t punish me like this, I beg you, please. Swamy had an evil smile on his face “remove your clothes, it’s time for your Yoni Pooja”. I now know what is going to happen.
I was terrified and broken but more than that I was embarrassed that my little brother is there, watching all these. Then, I saw him staring at the ground helplessly, I wanted to save him from this humiliation. Then, I whispered to Swamy, keeping my voice so low that Sandeep won’t hear it. Please do anything you want me to but keep Sandeep out of this. He is still a boy and he may not forgive himself for the rest of his life.
I am not that cruel, my child. It’s completely up to you. If you want him to leave this room he will leave, but outside the room, he will fuck your mother in front of your whole family. Do you think it is not possible for me to convince them? If that is your choice, then you can walk out of this room virgin, nobody will touch you.
Either you will lose your virginity to your brother or you will walk out as a virgin, the choice is yours. I stood there speechless, I know this man can easily convince my family to do whatever he wants, that left me with no choice. Then, I looked at my innocent little brother for a moment, I wished for a sudden death there itself.
I turned to Swamy, in a low voice, told him I was ready to do whatever he wants. Swami again smiled at me, I am not going to do anything you have to convince him to do this, ask him to fuck you. It was like burning me alive, but I have to do it, there is no other way, slowly I started to walk towards him. My child, stay here, he will come to you. Swamy asks Sandeep to come near me and told me to ask him to remove my dress.
I looked at my brother’s eyes, he was desperately trying to avoid eye contact, and despite all his efforts to calm down, his penis was semi-erect. Sandy, remove my dress, I asked him in a trembling voice. Sandeep was shocked. What are you asking sister? How can I? He was also trying his best to control his lust towards me. Sandeep, Swamy called him, can’t you see? Your sister chose you to do her Yoni Pooja.
It is your responsibility to do it now. He was silent for some time. He slowly picks the end and removed it through my head then toss it on the ground. I was standing naked in front of my brother our heads were bowed with shame. Through the corner of my eyes, I can see some of them already stroking their hard dick, looking at me.
Swamy asked Sandeep to break my virginity to save me from the possessed evil spirits. He told me to ask Sandeep to treat me like a slave. I have to do this, I have to end this humiliation as quickly as possible and get out of this hell. I was asked to sit opposite to Sandeep and beg him to spread my pussy lips. Slowly, I sat there spreading my legs and asked him to spread my pussy lips.
Sandeep then sits opposite to me, with his 2 fingers, spread my pussy. Sandeep was asked to lick my pussy, he then licked my pussy. I instantly moved back, but Sandeep, holding my thighs pulled me towards him and started licking again. This time he was in complete control and licked every inch of it. I closed my eyes tightly, praying for this to over quickly.
Sandeep was now working with my boobs and pussy. He is sucking my boobs one by one and at the same time fingering my pussy. I was trying hard not to let out any sound. He was using his hands and mouth to good use and it was getting out of control for me.
Others were watching and enjoying it. Sandeep took his dick, started to rub it against my pussy, I was surprised to see the length of it. I closed my eyes waiting for him to enter and finish it. But before that Swamy called him, why in a hurry Sandeep, did you enjoy every part of your slave? she got a lovely ass who is going to enjoy that? Let me check your work on her pussy. Lift her and show me the pussy.
Sandeep lifts me easily with my legs spread I was surprised to see how easily he is lifting me. Swami asked me, my child, open your pussy lips for me. Without looking at him I opened my pussy lips with my fingers. Swami put one finger inside and quickly did some finger fucking. Uhhh a moan escaped my mouth, he sure knows how to do it.
Not bad, he asked Sandeep to continue with my ass. Sandeep, now enjoy her ass but before that, you need to lube her asshole and your penis. He then asked me, My child, how is your asshole? Is it too tight? I was embarrassed to answer but said in a low voice, it’s tight.
Not to me My child, but tell Sandeep and also tell him what to do. I had no choice, without looking at Sandeep I told him, my asshole is too tight Sandy you need to lube it. Then what about his penis? Swamy asked me.
I looked at him for the answer, my child, the best lube for his dick is your saliva. I understood what he said. So, I took his dick in my mouth and sucked it for some time. After that, he went behind me and made me on my four with my forehead touching the ground he then placed my hands on my ass cheeks as told to him.
All these time Swamy was whispering in my ears what all I have to do. I now spread my ass cheeks with my hand and asked Sandeep to lick it. My tears were dry by this time. He then slowly sit there and started to lick my ass than 2 of Swamy’s followers came with a bottle of oil. He took that oil and applied it in my ass hole and slowly tried to insert his finger but it was too tight.
After some time working with oil he was able to insert his finger smoothly but even that was paining for me. Now he is ready and reluctantly put his dick in my ass hole and trying to insert it. It was hurting like hell for me. Oh please, I can’t take it please I was crying with all the power left in me but to no use.
He is was not supposed to stop. I tried to starch my ass cheek as far as possible and with some effort, his dick was inside my ass. He was no holding my hair and riding my ass with slow pushes initially then increasing the speed and with one hand spanking my ass cheeks. I was in real pain but we both were helpless. Then he laid there and now it was my turn and I sat on him, took his dick and try to put it in my virgin pussy.
I didn’t know how to do it and they were laughing at us. I was virgin so it was not entering then 2 of them came and they forced me but still it was not getting inside. Swami then asked me to sit on his mouth, with my pussy in his mouth, I lay on him, again sucking his dick. He was sucking and licking my pussy and at the same time trying to insert his finger into my asshole.
After some time we get up, his dick was rock hard, he spread my legs and started to rub his dick head in my pussy. I knew this is the time, I am going to lose my most valuable asset in life to my brother. I was trying hard not to cry, but silent tears started to flow. He was trying to insert his dick slowly inside me, all the foreplays done is helping him now.
But even with all those foreplays, my virgin cunt was still very tight. He was finding it difficult to break. With a quick hard push, he put his dick halfway inside my pussy without any mercy and then, with some hard strokes, his dick was fully inside. I felt like something is tearing me inside and I cried in pain. He was stroking hard, he was fucking me like anything.
After some time my pain vanished, I felt some never before sensation inside me, something is going to explode, my loud moans were filling the room, my legs were crossing on Sandeep’s hips, both hands tightly holding him, with my nails buried in his back. After 3-4 minutes, he exploded inside me and his semen started to flow through my cunt. We lay there exhausted for some time.
Next day morning we left the ashram and went home. My family was happy that the curse will not follow me. Only me and Sandeep knows the truth. For the next few days, I tried to avoid Sandeep and both of us avoid eye contact when we face each other. I was burning with guilt feeling that I forced my little brother into this. I was not able to sleep for days.
After some day’s things were going back to normal, I began to sleep normally. One night I woke from my sleep feeling something on my body. When I opened my eyes, someone was squeezing my boobs and trying to finger me. I was terrified and speechless, it was Sandeep, he realized now I am awake, he removed all my dress and was sucking my boobs.
I was beaming with anger at first and thought of giving a slap, but then my guilt feeling conquered me. He was an innocent little boy, it was me who make him do it, so now I have no right to stop him. He asked me to get down from the bed and stand there on my knees.
I get down from the bed and did as he told and then he sits on the bed with his legs spread and rock hard penis. He now gets hold of my hair and brought my face near his dick. I opened my mouth and took and started to suck his dick, he was mouth fucking me and I was struggling to breathe. After some time he came into my mouth and made me drink all of it and then left the room.
Next morning, I went back to Cochin and after a month I got a job in Dubai, I flew to Dubai without going home. My family was angry at me but I knew that it was the right thing to do. For the next 1.5 years, I never came back to India. My family tried for my marriage but because of our family history of psychological issues with women, nothing was happening. At last, they decided to conduct the marriage of Sandeep and I came back to India to attend his wedding. For me, this was the solution to the issues.
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